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“You’ve got to watch stand up comedy, because you will learn more about public speaking from watching stand up comedy, than anything else”
Michael Port

Develop the skills and confidence to succeed in any public speaking situation

Identify your core message, build your brand, and grow your business

Learn the secrets of comedy and performance, and how to apply them in a way that will set you apart

Entrepreneur or Business Owner

Are your public speaking skills holding you back from growing your business? With the use of video growing in marketing, you can’t afford to wait any longer to take action. Discover your voice and the secrets of great speakers, so that you can engage your audience and get more sales.

Corporate Leader or Professional

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the top! You’ve impressed your bosses, and now you have new audiences to engage. The stakes are high, and you’ll need to deliver stand out presentations and keynotes that attract investment, create new clients and motivate the troops. Are you ready?

Authors, Creatives or Thought Leaders:

You’ve created something that you need to share with the world, you have new ideas and a message that could change people’s lives. You know you need to develop a TED worthy keynote that is more than a few powerpoint slides thrown together. You know what you want to say, but not how to put it altogether in a package that educates, entertains and inspires.
“This course changed me forever. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stretch their professional ability to present.”
Sadie Harries

Why am I different from other Speaking Coaches?

Everyone knows that humour and success are correlated, but few people feel confident using humour in communication or public speaking, that’s why those that do stand out. It’s also difficult to find someone to teach you both how to use story-telling and to get laughs when you talk. That’s because most speaking coaches haven’t been a comedian, writer or performer, and don’t know the secrets of creating and delivering successful stories, and how to apply them effectively in a business context. That’s where I’m different.

I’ve performed comedy and all over the UK, including hour long solo shows. I’m also a published playwright, and actor. Combine this with my business, NLP and coaching background, and that means I am uniquely qualified to teach you the skills that will enable you to throw away power point forever… (well maybe you could just to use it for photos, headlines and videos).

With me you will learn how to create your pitch, keynote, signature talk, or sales presentation with storytelling and language techniques that will make your audience sit up and listen, and deliver it with the humor and performance skills that will make them fall in love with your message. I’ll also teach you how to accelerate your speech preparation time, All of which will help to grow your career, brand or business.

Sensational Speaker 121

Impatient to get started?
Want results quickly?
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Then 121 is for you. After our time together, you will be ready to take the stage with confidence, armed with your killer talk, and all the skills to captivate and convert your audience to action, not just one time, but every time.


Sensational Speaker Group

Working within a small group you will learn how to get high powered results through your speaking.

Together we will develop your killer keynote, or signature talk, and you will learn how to use humour and performance appropriately, to hold the audience in the palm of your hand.

Sensational Speaker Workshops

These live workshops will give you the skills, confidence, and techniques to hone your key message and put together your signature talk or keynote fast.

You’ll learn how to create your killer, using humour and storytelling techniques, and frameworks that will save you time, and get you ready to shine. You’ll also learn the comedy and acting secrets, that will ensure you inspire, educate and entertain the people that give their precious time to listen to you.

Speech & Pitch Writing

Need a presentation, speech, elevator or investor pitch written fast? Need something that will captivate, connect and convert your audience to “yes”?

I can help. Get in contact to discuss the project and how we can start working together.

Ready to take your speaking, career & business to the next level?
Step up. Say yes to yourself, and the future that’s waiting for you as a Sensational Speaker.

Cracking Speech Mate

How to use humour to make you an amazing speaker
Do you want to learn how to create presentations, that are funny, engaging and compel the audience to the action you want? Do you want to discover simple, repeatable techniques to make your presentations pop? Then you need this book!

Straight to the Top

How to Create and Deliver a Killer Elevator Pitch
Are you passionate about what you do, but struggle to convey the value you offer in a way that engages people? Do you know that delivering a great elevator pitch to the right person could make all the difference to your life, and you want to be ready… but you just don’t know where to start? Then this book is for you!

Audio Inspiration

This podcast is for aspiring, new and experienced speakers alike. Sarah draws on her comedy, performance, writing and business experience, and the talents and skills of guests to help you increase the power and impact of your public speaking