The Keys to Becoming a Compelling Force When You Speak – 137

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If you follow me you will know that I want you to be provocative with your audience. I want you to shock them and challenge them so that they pay attention and continue to be engaged with your message. 

When you speak you achieve that both with what you say and how you’re delivering it.

How you use your voice, expressions, energy, body, video or props to convey the purpose and emotion of your message are incredibly important parts of the equation, but in this show, I’m focusing on the content aspect of your message.

I’m going to give you some tips on how to find the stuff that will open up people’s eyes to new possibilities, that will shift perspectives AND will help to position you as a leader and become an influencer in your niche.

I hope you enjoy the show!

 What you’ll discover:

  • The three ‘p’s to become an influencer
  • Why you need to start with what matters to you.
  • The content quartet you need to identify.
  • How to find them
  • What to do next












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