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Last week I was in Boise, Idaho attending a conference called ‘Offermind’. It was primarily about marketing and how to create an irresistible offer, but there were lots of golden nuggets that applied to speaking too!

As you may know I coach and consult on marketing and speaking with a specific focus on storytelling and humour. That’s because I believe that the two are so closely linked AND as well as educating and motivating your audience speaking is also one of the best ways to market and sell your products and services.

All of the speakers who were on stage at the conference were amazing and I was particularly chuffed to be able to see one of my marketing heroes in action. This guy is also one of the highest paid speakers in the world, so when he talks, I listen. He gave away many value bombs during his keynote including the one I’m going to be sharing with you today!


What this episode covers:

  • Why frameworks are important
  • How to make your audience engage with the framework before you even share it with them
  • How the same teaching framework will enable you to flex your talk to fill five minutes or five hours!
  • When you should stay at the strategy level and why.
  • The one thing you should always do with your framework to get your audience motivated to implement what you’re sharing.

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