How Intentional Movement Can Power Up Your Public Speaking Part One – 069

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In order to realise your full potential and impact as a speaker, it’s important that you understand and harness the power of your body language and movement in your communication with an audience.

Performers in every genre, can evoke emotion in their audience without uttering a single word. Whether it’s the arch of an eyebrow that makes the audience collapse in laughter, the arch of a body that communicates desire, or the arch of a conductor’s hand bringing an orchestra to a crescendo. As a speaker you can also use your body in harmony with your voice and words to change the state of your audience and move them to action.

In part one of this two part show I’ll be sharing why body language is so critical to successful communication and how you can get it wrong on life as well as on stage!


What this episode covers:

  • Why body language and movement are critical to becoming a sensational speaker.
  • What happens when your body and words are not talking the same language.
  • How powerpoint can become a barrier rather than an aid to communication
  • How you can choreograph your talk to direct an audience’s attention and emotion.

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  • Julie Nicholls

    Thank you Sarah for the reminders and useful tips as ever. Not sure if you meant to be funny when you said you are all over the place but it made me laugh. Looking forward to the follow-on. I don’t have a like button on my phone so unfortunately can’t leave a like and if I could it would be a love as I really do love these podcast for so many different reasons including helping me understand what to do to be a better speaker.

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