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The Keys to Compelling Storytelling

Margot Leitman is the founder of the storytelling program at Upright Citizen’s Brigade, five-time winner of The Moth, and a winner of the Moth GrandSLAM. She is also author of ‘Long Story Short – The only storytelling guide you’ll ever need.’ Given that the best stories are personal ones, it seemed like a no brainer to get Margot on the show to share how she creates and tells award winning stories.

In this show she shares ideas for where you should get your stories, how you should structure them to connect with your audience, how to start off, the way to add pace, humour and emotion to keep people engaged…and what happened when she started bleeding on stage! It’s a must for speakers, leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to get better at telling stories to grow their business or brand.

What you’ll learn:

  • How you can find stories to share
  • Why your story should be in the ‘storyzone’ and how to do it
  • How you create your story so that the audience feel like it is about them.
  • Why your story should contain universal themes and multiple points of access for your audience.
  • Tips for starting stories.
  • How to avoid your stories sounding overwritten.
  • The critical elements of a compelling story.
  • When you shouldn’t tell a personal story.
  • Tips for adding humour to your story.
  • How to describe the characters in your story.
  • Tips for being authentic in your stories.
  • The process Margot goes through to prepare a story versus a speech
  • Tips for using stories at networking events.
  • Ideas for managing anxiety

All things Margot Leitman:

FaceBook / Twitter / Instagram: @MargotLeitman

Margot’s website

Long Story Short by Margot Leitman

Margot’s Winning Grandslam Story

Other Resources*

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The Amours of Lillie Langtry – Edinburgh Fringe

*(please note if you use my link for book purchases I get a small commission, which helps to keep the show going, but this does not affect your payment)

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    Thank you Sarah. I love listening to these podcasts. They’re (not surprisingly for anyone who knows you perfectly congruent with who you are) really inspiring, funny and also very helpful.

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