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As well as being an in-demand PR Consultant, Jo Smyth is a funny lady, and this is one of my favourite interviews. As an ex-journalist and newspaper editor, she pulls back the curtain on life as part of the media, gives her view on the state of the news today, and tells some funny stories along the way. She also gives us the lowdown on how to use PR effectively to raise your public profile and get free advertising and social proof. Jo also shares what value a PR consultant can bring to the table over doing PR yourself. There are some brilliant tips and tricks for getting yourself in front of, and managing the media whether you’re a speaker, coach, business owner or corporate leader.

What you’ll learn

  • The difference between PR and Marketing
  • What is a PR plan and who needs one?
  • How to raise your profile through the media
  • Why you should be strategic in approaching your publicity
  • What’s more important, print media or social media?
  • Why editorial is one of the best forms of social proof
  • What makes a good news story
  • How using humour can make your press release stand out
  • What journalists are looking for in a press release and how to write one
  • How you can get the most value out of a PR Consultant
  • How to get your press releases through to the right people at the right time
  • How you can use surveys to get good PR
  • How to handle reporters in a crisis 


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