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With a powerful wit, and larger than life personality, Ashley Frieze has been making audiences laugh since 2003. His comedy songs and observations on the music world are a joy to behold, and his ability to hold the audience in the palm of his hand with or without his guitar, speaks to his skill as a compere and his adaptability as a comic.

In this episode, not only is he taking us behind the scenes to have a peek at the life of a gigging comic…he’s sharing some absolutely golden tips for how you can bring humour into your toolkit, whether as a speaker or a people manager in the world of business.

What you’ll learn

  • Why comedy is an important cultural tool
  • Why questions are the gateway to engaging content
  • How to find ideas for humour
  • Why acting confidently works to build your confidence
  • How you can set yourself and the room up for success
  • The different ways of being an MC
  • The power of being present in comedy and speaking and tips to help you achieve this
  • How humour can help you manage people more effectively
  • Ashley’s secrets for speaking success
  • How you can use the tricks of a comic to increase the impact of your message
  • Why getting booed onto the stage can be a positive experience.


The Serious Guide to Joke Writing – How to say something funny about anything – Sally Holloway

Cracking Speech Mate – How to use humour to make you an amazing speaker – Sarah Archer

The Confidence Gap – Russ Harris

All things Ashley:


Twitter @Ashleyfrieze & @Ashleyjokes

Instagram @Ashleyfrieze

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