My TEDx Talk – The Good, The Bad & What I’d Do Differently Next Time – 015

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This is an honest, warts and all review of my recent TEDx talk. I’m sharing my wins, the things I could have done better, and things I would change for next time. This week’s episode brings together all the insight from my guests, and my own experience of TEDx, to give you a massive leg up to making your TEDx talk, (or any presentation), achieve the results you want…and there’s a fabulous TEDx Success Cheat Sheet that goes with the show!

What you’ll learn:

  • What do after you’ve decided to do a TEDx talk.
  • The different types of TEDx events.
  • Why you should be strategic and intentional about your TEDx talk?
  • The things to think about relating to where you should do your talk, when you should do it, and what you should talk about.
  • How to find your talk idea?
  • Why and how you should do market research before deciding on your talk topic.
  • How to maximise your chances of being selected.
  • The steps you need to go through in preparing your talk for maximum results.
  • Performance tips for your talk delivery.
  • What you should do after your talk to give it the best chance of going viral.

Thanks for listening!


TEDx Talk Success Cheat Sheet

My TEDx Talk – What does it mean to be authentic?

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