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Andy Merryweather is an extremely talented piano player and singer, who is also practically a professional best man. He’s been given the honour of being Groomsman for five and a third weddings so far. His wedding speeches have plenty of wow moments, and he shares some of the details, plus his best tips if you’re asked to do a wedding speech. He also has a knack for getting influencers and celebrities to do things for him and he shares how he makes the magic happen!

What you’ll learn:

  • Andy’s 10 top tips for wedding speeches
  • How to relax yourself and get a first laugh from your audience
  • How to build social capital and make big things happen
  • How to approach starting your wedding speech (or any speech)
  • Ideas for wowing the wedding party

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Andy’s Wedding Videos

‘Not Gonna Sing’ song

The first dance celebrity surprise + the ‘if i had time’ song

Tom Baxter – pre wedding song practice with Andy

Where to find Andy and Hamiljam:

Instagram and Twitter – @amerryweather10


@HamilJam on Instagram

@TheHamilJam on Twitter


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