Sarah Archer…
Because Your Audience
Is Worth It!

Want a speaker that can get your audience
thinking differently?


Do you want your audience to be captivated, challenged and changed?


Is it important to you that they get valuable, actionable content that they can take away and implement fast?


Do you want your event to stand out?

Well then… Is that a big, fat yes to all three? Sarah is the Speaker for you! She is a comedian, playwright, actor, two-time author, business woman and speaking coach.

Sarah believes that humour is the weapon of mass seduction, and you can find it laced through everything she does. She has spoken and performed to international audiences, and in her own inimitable style, she engages, entertains and educates, bringing people to aha moments and leaving them with practical strategies and tips that are easy to action.

“Archer is a genuinely funny woman with a real talent for storytelling”


 Dearly Beloved is “An engrossing and entertaining production. An intriguing premise which keeps you involved right to the end.”

Why should a speech be any less gripping
than a great play?

What Sarah Talks About

Why Storytelling and Humour are the Secret Weapons of Business Success and How You Can Use Them to Give Your Business the Edge

A pre-school child laughs more than 400 times a day, as a working adult you’re lucky to an average 15… based on that statistic, work sucks! Fun and laughter can be a scarce commodity in business, and maybe that’s why those people who use humor and storytelling successfully, and appropriately are so highly thought of. In this highly interactive presentation, Sarah Archer will show you why humour and storytelling are so important, and how you can use them to win employee hearts and minds, and give your business the edge

Why Gender Equality Will Never Happen… and What We Need to do Instead
Men and women are fundamentally different, both physiologically and neurologically. Layer on top of this the fact that the fabric of our society was spun by one gender, and it’s no surprise that equality between sexes is a Holy Grail that no one is getting their hands on anytime soon. Sarah poses a new question, and a new answer that embraces our differences for mutual success in life and business.

“A great talk is like a dance between the speaker and the audience.”

Sarah Archer