Attain a New Level of Speaking Mastery and Create Massive Impact

Learn the secrets of humour and performance to engage and convert your audience and grow your brand, business and tribe.

Do you feel your presentations could be more engaging and entertaining?

Are your confidence levels as a speaker affecting your ability to find your unique voice and connect with your audience effectively?

Do you have trouble creating a talk that sells you, your business, or your big idea in a way that is compelling and calls the audience to action?

You’re not alone. Many speakers, and aspiring speakers, feel that they have more to contribute to the world than their current level of confidence and speaking skills allow them to.

Developing the ability to speak, and more importantly, create structured, and engaging presentations that motivate people is probably the most valuable skillset you can learn when it comes to your business and financial success.

That’s where the Sensational Speaker
Program comes in!

Imagine being in front of your audience feeling super confident, calm, and ready to create the connection that could change their life and yours

Sensational Signature Talk Bootcamp

Whether you’re speaking to sell, motivate, teach or change the world, you’ll need a talk that will deliver your goal. In this two-day workshop you will learn how to create the strategy, structure and content for your killer presentation.

You’ll learn how to create stories that sell, how to use humour effectively, and how to open and close unforgettably.

Sensational Speaker Performance Live

As a Speaker your job is to connect, captivate and convert your audience.

To do this effectively, you will need to utilise the secrets and skills from the worlds of stand up comedy and theatre, and those are what you will learn on this two-day peformance focussed workshop.


Humour &

Use stand up comedy and acting secrets to take your speaking to a new level of mastery…(even if you don’t think you’re funny!)


Supercharge your brand and business by being confident and prepared for any speaking opportunity


Develop a sensational signature talk that showcases your business, product, or big idea and gets you more customers and speaking opportunities

“Storytelling with humour, is the Trojan Horse that can get your idea or message through your audiences’ defences.”
Sarah Archer
“Sessions with Sarah are always fun and rewarding. She is supportive and encouraging and takes you on a journey together. One of the biggest benefits I got was self-belief, knowing that anything is possible, and that I’d done something others fear. My confidence is greater than it was before. I would recommend working with Sarah as she opens doors you think cannot be unlocked.”
Norman Butler
“Doing Sarah’s course changed me forever. Since taking Sarah’s course, my confidence and competence has soared. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to stretch themselves and improve their professional ability to present.”
Sadie Harries
“”I would whole-heartedly recommend Sarah’s courses to anyone who wants to learn public speaking or improve upon the knowledge they already have.””
Dave Veysey

Do you feel your presentations could be more engaging and entertaining?

Swindon, UK
Swindon, UK
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Signature Talk

Day 1

Module 1
You will develop the strategy and purpose of your talk. You will identify the problem and solution you are offering, and from this will create the “big idea” forming the kernel of your presentation.
Module 2
You will learn the secrets of effective storytelling, and how to generate a bank of stories that you can use, both in your signature talk and future presentations, to inspire and move your audience towards change.
Module 3
You will discover a blueprint for creating and structuring your content, that enables you to reduce your preparation time, and ensure that the content is engaging, and supports your big idea.

Day 2

Module 1
Here you will find out about lightning bolts, and we will develop the open and close of your talk, ensuring that it is engaging, entertaining and earns you the attention from your audience.
Module 2
You will learn the essential ingredients of humour, how to use different comedy techniques, and how to generate material. We will also work specifically on adding humour to your signature talk.
Module 3
We will work with improv techniques to nail the language, and final structure for your signature talk.

Speaker Performance

Day 1

Module 1
Here we work on the staging of your talk. We will nail when to move and why, the props, slides, and any media, and if, where and how, audience interaction is used.
Module 2
Spanning both days we will work on the performance aspects of your talk. You will learn how to use:
– Pitch, pace and intonation
– Story-telling and joke delivery
– Body language
– Props
– Audience partner work

Day 2

Module 1
We will continue to work on the performance aspects, and will also look what you should wear, unconscious bad habits and ticks and mike technique.
Module 2
You will also learn rehearsal techniques that will increase your confidence and enable you to perform your talk with assurance and without notes.
Module 3
Here you will discover how to prepare effectively for the optimum performance of your talk in the weeks, days and hours before you go on.

Plus Limited Time Bonuses

  • On-camera performance cheat sheet for interviews, promotional videos, live streaming, and more
  • Video recording of your presentation (peformance workshop only) how to get speaking gigs guide
  • Membership to the closed “Speaking Club” FB group

Signature Talk Bootcamp Package


Speaker Performance Live Package



(Both Courses)

Limited courses and places, apply now
to avoid disappointment!

I run these courses just five times per year, and there are only 12 places on each course. I keep the class sizes small, to ensure that each student gets 121 coaching and performance time.

What happens if you stay where you are?

Your presentations will probably be ok, they’ll tick along, but you won’t know if you could have been better, for yourself, for your audience and for your future.
You’ll spend some more time doing your own thing, winging it, and watching other speakers who are able to move and motivate the audience, getting on much quicker.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

This program is all about getting results for you. I’m so confident you’ll be thrilled with the program, the lifelong skills that you’ll learn, and the benefits it will bring to you and your career, or business that I will offer you a full refund of the course price for up to 30 days, (as long as you’ve done the work).
Try it out and see what happens for you. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you are not 100% satisfied, contact me at sarah@lemon-squeeze.co.uk to take advantage of the full 30-day guarantee.

Take your speaking to the next level

Imagine having a signature talk or keynote that presses all the right buttons. A talk that’s so exciting, entertaining and polished that it will make you and the audience smile from ear to ear every time you perform it. That’s what you’ll get from the Sensational Speaker Program.

Remember places are limited so apply now!

If you don’t want to waste time getting your big talk nailed so that it can start to work for you, getting your brand, business and message out to the world in an unforgettable way. Then click below to reserve your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have a presentation or signature talk that you think is strong enough, and you want to improve then you will be fine with the performance workshop alone. If you don’t have a talk then I think that attending both would be great for you.

We will explore who you want to talk to and what you are passionate about in the context of your speaking goals, and that will help us determine what is the topic you should talk about for maximum results aligned to your goals.

Telling stories and using humour are skills that can be learned. There are tools and techniques that comedians, writers and speakers use to develop their stories and humour and that I will teach you too.

Contact me to discuss payment arrangements and we’ll see what’s possible.

There will be time to do your full talk, and you will get a video of this to watch back.

These courses will transform your speaking skills, whatever level you’re at.

Having a sensational signature talk that showcases your business, product, or big idea will win you more clients and customers.

Become a speaker that entertains, and harness the power of humour and performance to take your speaking to the next level… (even if you don’t think you’re funny!)

Becoming a stand out speaker will open up more opportunities for you, and you will be ready to take advantage of every one that comes your way.

Book your place now and
change your life forever.

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