How to Use the Rule of Reciprocity in Your Marketing – 019

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I’ve been fascinated by human psychology and in discovering how we can use it in our marketing to grow our business. Whether you know it or not, your buying behaviour is influenced by a number of psychological triggers and reciprocity is one of these.

The rule of ‘reciprocity’ is what modern society has been built upon and is a rule that has practically been bred into us to uphold. You will have seen marketers using the rule of reciprocity before in content marketing, as free content and freebies. What you might not know is that its’s also leveraged in other ways in marketing.

Understanding how to utilise ‘reciprocity’, (with a service mindset), is a critical part of your marketing toolbox and that’s why I’m sharing what I’ve discovered with you on this show.


What I’m going to cover:

  • The background to the rule of reciprocity
  • Why it’s so powerful
  • How charities and supermarkets leverage reciprocity
  • The additional spin off rule of reciprocity that can turn no into yes
  • How to use the rule in your business
  • Why you must use it with good intentions

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