Whisky and Public Speaking

Oct 06, 2017

Anyone who has studied public speaking knows that a great talk or presentation doesn’t just happen… engaging speakers like Obama (both Barak, and Michelle), Churchill, and the wonderful TED talkers… don’t just turn up and open their mouth. Their talks are based on the knowledge and experience they’ve accrued about their subject, they are pondered on, worried on, structured and crafted, they have layers of colour and nuance added, then they are edited, and rehearsed before they are shared with an audience. All their years of experience, all the hours of creativity, preparation, and practice are distilled into less than sixty minutes of spoken word.

Just recently, I was working on a Facebook Live session aimed at helping people get over their fear of speaking in public or just increase their confidence in doing presentations. Now, if you’ve read my book ‘Cracking Speech Mate!’, you will know I give people frameworks and blueprints that guide them step by step through preparing, creating, colouring and delivering their presentation, but this content fills a whole course, and is too much for a short Facebook Live video session. So, I've distilled these detailed processes into a new framework that gives people the essential ingredients to a kick arse presentation. That framework is the four ‘P’s, and it's something you can apply quickly to help create an amazing presentation, that will captivate the audience and build your confidence.

But how does this relate to Whisky? Well… I thought whisky making was a great analogy for where the four ‘P’s fit in to speaking… take a look at the graphic below and I’ll pick you up again after...


Hey... who can converse with confidence about whisky now?!

​I loved putting this graphic together… even though I don’t drink whisky… (it makes my face do really funny things…) I can respect the love, care, and craft that goes into making the liquid in the bottle. As with whisky creation there are a number of processes that create the perfect presentation, those can be found in the SPEAK, ENGAGE, and other frameworks that I teach, but fundamentally, like with whisky, unless you have the essential ingredients, in this case the four ‘P’s… then you won’t get the right outcome. Let me talk you through each 'P' below:

That’s it…the four ‘P’s of public speaking. I promise you that if you can include these in your presentations then you will succeed.​

If you found this useful, please feel free to share…and if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment.