Opening the Door to the Impossible…the Power of Coaching and the Fantastic Mr JT Foxx

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​I didn’t really want to stay that evening in September 2015, I was pretty tired after a full day’s training and I still had a two-hour drive home…but I hung on to listen to the guy who was coming to talk, as there was a chance to win some points towards a prize… some bit of tech or other that I had my eye on. I didn’t know it then, but the biggest prize I could win was getting to listen to the bloke who turned up, someone called JT Foxx.

As a stand-up comic, film lover and playwright, I love a show, and from the get go this fella’ did not disappoint. Like a heavyweight boxer about to take the ring, his entry to the conference stage was preceded by a video introduction that primed his audience to expect something special*. Honing in on the celebrity obsession we all have, (whether we admit it or not), we watched JT interviewing and messing around with a rainbow of ‘A’ list actors, musicians and moguls. As the video ended, with his name roared by an actual fight announcer, JT eventually strode into the space, perfectly presented, but with the same air of a boxer, effortlessly oozing confidence, and poised to go 12 rounds…I soon saw why.

​The talk was a high-energy performance worthy of any West End stage. Perfectly paced, structured brilliantly to break down and re-build beliefs, and full of showmanship. He was deliberately provocative at times, ruffling our British reserve, and he was, (is, and no doubt, ever shall be), like marmite to many, but whether you liked him or not, he opened the door to show us a world of new possibilities. He used the word ‘family’ a lot in relation to his students, and produced many, many photos of the results they had gotten by being part of his tribe. It was an awesome talk, and it was followed by a bunch of British people rushing to the back of the room to register, abandoning any semblance of forming a queue in order to get their credit card in first.

I was one of those people. I rushed to the back, because I had a dream, and JT had pulled back the curtain to show me how that dream could become a reality. He showed me the future that was waiting for me, on the other side of coaching and action. I got my selfie with JT that night, and after a couple of minutes of conversation, he told me what my big weakness was…and he was spot on.


​From that initial meeting, I went on to have a 121 with him, and I signed up for the ‘Dream Team’ experience. This was an amazing four days, every day was inspirational, full of value, and actionable insight from coaches who walked the walk. From that four days, the one to one coaching from JT and my wonderful Coach Rose, the abundance of free material, and the amazing Family Reunions, I have taken massive action, made big strides towards the future I imagined, and met some truly wonderful people.

Since the evening I met JT in 2015, I have written two books, had one play published, spoken internationally, shared the stage with JT several times, and left my corporate job. I’m now doing what I love…using my comedy, theatrical, speaking and writing experience to help my clients realise their dreams of becoming sensational speakers. I thanked JT in my first book for being one of the key catalysts that made it possible, and even though he can still be provocative, (and I’m sure he knows it), he is a testament to the power of coaching and taking action, plus he’s helped me loads, and he makes me laugh!


Don’t get me wrong… it’s not been easy, I’ve worked hard, made sacrifices and I’ve still got miles to go between where I am and where I want to be…but I’m way closer than I would have been without coaching, and the investment I made in myself.

Contrary, to what some of the negative people say about JT, he is a coach, and as a coach myself, I can say wholeheartedly, that you want your students to get results…because the better they do, the better you look to prospective clients… and if your students get results, they’ll be more likely to buy the next product or event you have to sell. Oh, did I just mention the word ‘sell’? Yes, I did.

Now let’s talk about money… it’s an absolute truth (that I’ve experienced myself), that unless people pay, they don’t pay attention. There’s nothing I love more than helping people amaze themselves with their speaking and the growth it brings to their business and brand, but every time I’ve offered my program for free, the commitment hasn’t been there, and they haven’t done the work. Today, not only do I charge for my program, but before I accept someone into it, I make sure they want the results enough to take the necessary action.

The bottom line is that coaching and the Fantastic Mr Foxx aren’t for everyone, but they are for those people who want to transform their lives and open the door to the impossible.

Thanks again Coach!

*Wanna see JT’s cool video…then click here

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